Breeding Advice


Choosing the right stallion for your mare can be a stressful time. There are many factors to consider. Successful breeders study all aspects from pedigree, conformation, strengths, and weaknesses and the desired result to make suggestions as to the correct stallion for each mare.  It is always helpful to get some advice from stallion owners and/or more experienced breeders.

The stallion owners have an educated knowledge of the stallions and their traits and what they pass on to their progeny. This knowledge can be very helpful tips to anyone considering breeding. It is important if you are taking advice from a stallion owner to ask many stallion owners so you get an objective response.

We have access to many stallion owners and breeders both here in New Zealand, in Australia, and Europe and we are able to collect this information for you and provide a comprehensive report to help you with the decision making.

  • Attach a good side on photo of your mare.

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