We highly recommend the Platinum products to maximize your horse’s reproductive health
There is a total comprehensive range of products for each equine.

Speak to Dr Alex Leander for the best product for you needs but for the boys, to produce the best healthy sperm these two products are a must & feature as a daily feed routine here at CryNZ while your colt or stallion is staying with us.
Foundational Support for Stallion Health and Fertility

Regardless of whether stallions are breeding by live cover or being collected to then have their semen frozen, stored or shipped, maintaining excellent foundational health is vital in helping to ensure stallions are in optimal condition for breeding. This includes support for total body health and joint function. A diet centered on high-quality forage with the Platinum Performance® Equine foundation formula can be an ideal choice.

Platinum Motility Plus

Supports Healthy Sperm Motility in Breeding Stallions
Platinum Motility Plus® for horses is used to help support sperm motility. This formula contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which has been shown to stimulate beta lipid oxidation in the mitochondria of the sperm.

Foundation Formulas

A comprehensive blend of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, macro and trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants supports normal, healthy inflammatory pathways. Omega-3 fatty acids support ovulation and fertilization for the mare, and DHA, in particular, supports normal, healthy sperm development and function in the stallion.
Advanced Nutrients for Reproduction & Fertility
Omega-3 fatty acids support fertility by maintaining normal levels of IL-1, which has a negative effect on testosterone production.
such as alpha lipoic acid, natural Vitamin E, and vitamin C, help offset oxidative stress, particularly imposed by the freezing and defrosting process for the stallion and help offset oxidative stress caused by free radicals that may complicate fertilization and implantation in the mare.
Carnitine is required for beta-oxidation and energy production and supports normal blood flow.
Trace minerals and vitamins
Trace minerals and vitamins are vital for stallion and mare health as well as foal development.
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