This procedure is a great option for those wanting to preserve some semen/bloodlines but do not wish to have their stallion/Colt trained to collect.

The testes are sent to us by your Veterinarian on the day of the castration for processing and freezing.

We have had some great results having testes sent to us from far away for freezing. In fact some of the best semen we received last year for freezing came from a pair of testes sent to us from Gore. It arrived to us 38 hours after the castration and once extracted and prepared for freezing was very happy semen. So it is very possible for our clients keen to capture some insurance by way of banking some straws for the future.

We send a chiller with instructions to the clinic when the procedure is booked with us, we liaise with the veterinarian performing the Castration, coordinating timing and preparation of the testes and transportation instruction. The testes can either be sent back to us via overnight courier or sent via flight directly to us.

The cost for this to the client is as follows;

The Stallion /Colt owner will fill out a booking form online and agree to pay a fee.

This booking fee will cover all costs associated with the procedures mentioned above.

So Liaising with the Veterinarian performing the procedure.

The chiller and instruction container.

On arrival of the testes to CryNZ – Extraction and analysis of the epididymal semen.

If there is viable semen to freeze we will go ahead and freeze this semen and the cost for this is a per straw rate.

We will also thaw a test straw and analyse the semen again post freezing.

After the freezing process is complete we can dispatch this semen to any facility of the Stallion/Colt owners choice or storage here at CryNZ can be easily arranged.

Our storage prices start at $10 per month per stallion up to 50 straws or $15 per month per stallion up to 100 straws.

It is our experience that epididymal semen usually will produce approximately on average 50 straws. We are not in the business of making frozen straws of little or low motility or more importantly low concentration, So we often suggest to the client that we make fewer straws with better concentration, but this is individual negotiation with each client. As some clients may want to keep more straws for say ICSI where the concentration is not as important as frozen Semen inseminations.

Sometimes the semen is just not viable in the freezing process. In this case we will always gothrough the freezing process but if the semen after is thawed and is not viable we wave the straw price charge to the client and the straws can be destroyed.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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