Embryo freezing is becoming a more popular choice for breeders these days.

There are many reasons to consider freezing embryos from your mare. The main reason is banking the bloodline for the future. Holding onto proven genetics for the future is one of the most important factors our clients tell us they need.

This also provides an excellent insurance policy for you and is much cheaper than actual insurance. Some embryos increase in value during their storage stay with us and it is exciting to watch our client’s investments growing.

Freezing your embryos also allows you to ensure your chosen recipient mare is exactly at the right sync before the thawing and transplanting occurs. This reduces the number of recipient mares you need on the go in the hopes that one will be perfectly timed for the transfer. This is a huge cost saving.

Once your embryo is frozen and stored with CryNZ it will be easily accessible when you require it to be ready for implantation. We can transport your frozen embryo to you/your Veterinarian with simple instructions for thawing and implanting. This means your mare can stay at home or go to your vet of choice.

 Get in touch to inquire about how to prepare your embryos for transfer to us for freezing. Or if you have any questions, all you have to do is drop us a line we are happy to help.

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