It can be tricky finding the right mare for your needs. Our advise to anyone wanting to breed themselves a foal for any reason is to work out what you would like the end result to be and work backwards from there. Sometimes it is a better idea to lease a mare or buy an embryo as good mares can be hard to find. We are able to match people looking for mares with people who have mares they would like to sell, sell embryos from or lease out. If you are looking get in touch with us and we can help. If you have a mare and think she would be a good candidate for the above or if you have a mare who has been a recipient mare that you would like to sell or lease get in touch with us today.

Breeding Services

We are able to take a limited amount of mares each season for breeding and management. Our facility is safely fenced with equifencing our mares are paddocked alone (unless otherwise requested) they are beside other mares so never alone. When mares come in for scanning or treatment they are brought in with a mate to reduce stress and potential harm. We work with a number of Veterinarians and can accommodate your mares needs.
If you have a mare you wish to breed and would like us to manage the process for you, simply fill out this form below.

All NZ Georgie


Sire/Dam: Lansing/Driving Raine
Registry: New Zealand Holsteiner, HHANZ
Classified, Registered and Parentage DNA completed.
Date Of Birth: 27.10.09

Height: 16.1hh

Classified by Hanno Kohncke, Georgie reached premium status. Georgie was the highest scoring foal of the tour, winning both Champion Filly foal and Champion Foal. Her first foal is pictured here, By All NZ Caballo (Carpaccio/Bellamina xx) This foal was premium at classification also. Georgie has very correct conformation and possesses elevated and expressive paces, she is sensitive and trainable and has a kind and sweet nature, making her a great mother and an easy breeder.

She has also carried frozen embryos from other older mares unable to carry pregnancies themselves. We also have some frozen embryos from Georgie.

Foals from Georgie are eligible for registration with the Holsteiner Verband in Germany if breeding to one of their licensed stallions.

Availability: Georgie is currently in foal to Clearway due for late foaling in February 2021. She will then be available for insemination to a stallion of your choice to be flushed and/or frozen or transferred to a recipient mare. Or if more than one embryo is conceived then both transfer and freeze.

The Clearway foal will be available for sale on weaning.

All NZ Foxtrot

Sire/Dam: Carpaccio/Bellamina xx
Registry: New Zealand Holsteiner, HHANZ
Date of Birth: 10.12.06
Height: 15.2hh

Foxtrot was a premium foal at classification. She was professionally produced and sold as a 5-year-old but has recently found her way back to us and we are very excited to have her joins our breeding program. She is a very elastic mover and has an outstanding jump.

She will be available for a limited amount of embryos this season and is also available as a recipient mare, she is currently carrying an embryo for another client which is due in November 2020.

There will be more information on the Allander Acres pages about Foxtrot and her pedigree.

Pictured as a foal at classification with her Dam Bellamina xx


Sire/Dam: Danske/Kinjabay
Registry: Thoroughbred, New Zealand Holsteiner foundation mare, HHANZ
Date of Birth: 12/09/01
DNA status: Parentage DNA: Y

Height: 16. hh

Ginger has been an incredible mare, she has produced many stunning athletic foals who have all moved for dressage and possessed natural jumping ability. She is a great Mum and an easy breeder. Her youngsters have all be very smart and sensitive young horses and been an absolute pleasure to break in or teach anything to.

Availability: Because of Gingers age she is now only available for embryo flush to transfer or freeze or both.

There is more information about Ginger and her offspring on the Allander acres pages on this website. Pictured with some of her foals.


Sire/Dam: Sakhee`s Secret/Mer De Chine
Registry: New Zealand Thoroughbred 
Date of Birth: 26/11/10
Height: 16.2hh

DNA Status: DNA Parent verified: Y

China is a lovely natured big thoroughbred mare, making her an ideal recipient mare for the warmblood foals. She is a gentle and caring Mother and an easy foaler.

Availability: She is currently empty so will be available for the 2020 season. 


Sire/Dam: Omnicorp/Summer Luck
Registry: New Zealand Thoroughbred
Date of Birth: 4/10/94

Height: 16.1hh

Belle is a wonderful mix of some of the greats in thoroughbred pedigree with Grosvenor in her sideline and the great Precipitation through So Big in her damline. This is demonstrated in her athletic form. She has a delightful temperament and is an easy breeder.

Availability: Belle is only available for embryos as she is now in retirement. She has some embryos on ice already but can be bred to the stallion of your choice and flushed to transfer or freeze or both. Belle loves breeding season and is at the gate every time she is in season wanting to go to the stallion. She almost always ovulates twins so you need to be prepared for possibly two embryos, we recommend one for the recipient and one for the freezer. She will be ready early in the season for inseminating and limited to one client per season because of her age.

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